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I've talked to my friend a few days ago & I was comforting her from her recent broke up with her gf... Cuz of that & cuz of what I've been through as well I come up to this "LOVE CYCLE". Love is such a wonderful feeling especially the beginning part of it. What really sucks is the good bye part & we all know it. So let me lay down what I have found out :D

1. The meeting of two strangers
This is one of the exciting part, when you accidentally bumped into someone,. Talk a bit and yea this is the hi's & hello's stage.
2. Getting to know a stranger
It happens that u just don't like to stop talking to this person & u are so interested of knowing her until u feel something good O.O... & why are u flirting with her now?? XD
3. I like you! :D
You have alot ing common, u want to stick with her cuz u like talking with this person! U start to sleep less & less & u never notice the clock is ticking so fast... next thing u know it's morning & u don't have much time left to sleep :))... this will take for like ahmm a week of two until u tell her "hey... I LIKE YOUUU" ~blushes~
4. The Chase
& then she responded to your confessions, & said "ohh i likeee you toooo".. This giddy feeling will tickles u from head to foot & u will find yourself smiling wherever you are.. You will hear the birds chirping whenever u r walking outside.. all the grass are green & flowers are blooming. THIS IS MY FAVE PART I GUESS :D but then again it's just starting,,.. so next pls. :D
5. The feeling is mutual
from 'LIKE' to "OH YES I LOVE YOU!" XD... The part where u will ask her.. "will u be my....fuckmate?" oh wrong question :)) i mean "WILL U BE MY GF???" & then she said "YES YES YES!!!!".. like in a movies where all the confettis fell down on the ground! :D
6.Feelings Blooming
The time where you spend most of your time with her... like ur the only people in ur planet & no one else matters..
7.Going steadyy
where the relationship is running smooth & that's it :)))
8.Getting comfortable
You are both too comfortable with each other now, like you have talked about everything about yourselves, fart with each other, do gross stuffs & it doesnt even matter how u do it.. cuz you too comfortableee with each otherrr.
9. Rocky road
quarreling is the main subject most of the time.. & ur starting to hate each other,.
10. Tolerating
enduring all the fightings & hurtful words u will ever hear in ur life :)).. even the smallest thing is an issue.
11.The break-up
Both of you gives up, u hate everthing about this person!! like everythingggg... but this could happen in many ways.. could be you fell out of love or there's a 3rd party. who knows?? :)))
12. Saying Goodbye
Cry if you have to, u can even cry 24/7 if u want :)).. it's part of life.. people come & go so just accept it. :)

If you are meant for each other whichever path you take you will surely end up with this person. I believe in soulmates, I believe in destiny...  You can even say each time you break you heart that "LOVE SUCKS" but after awhile you will be surprised u r starting another LOVE CYCLE. It doesn't end.. pick your Fave part. but  I do hope all relationships should just stop at stage 6.. But sad to say, even a married couples that said their vows that they will love each other until the end of time never succeeded.. Sad but true.. Changes are always bound to happen & we should be always prepared for it. The important thing is you tried your best & you showed this important person how much you love him/her & if it didn't work out you will tell yourself that you've done ur best & cherish all these memories you had together... now tell me how you define love now... ^^.. LOVE is ____________...

'til next time! xoxo :****!


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