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It's been a week since I posted my last blog. Everyday I was like just starting up a few sentences & ended up nothing. The past week has a lot of things to tell but I cannot quite grab everything in one shot. I've been working so hard the past days & trying to focus on my career which I think is the right thing to do. I've been thinking a lot with what had happened to my life the previous months. It went like a roller coaster ride :), where I experienced to be extremely happy & it's counterpart which is extremely sad. But now I can simply smile about it :). Every Heart aches teaches us something & that makes us stronger & smarter. They say every person in our lives comes to be either a blessing or a lesson, so we shouldn't be keeping any hatred to our hearts & linger to such dark side of life. Although I still miss some moments I had before which I think is normal, I still learn to get by inch by inch & be happy to what I have now. When I look back, I just smile & remembers the happy feelings  I had before. I'm glad that I can do it, I didn't really know before how but Iam almost there... I heard this song (Korean song, which I always listened with cuz I love it ^^). It was like the story I've been through with, It was my past & I don't have any plans to go back to it. I'm closing that chapter of my life & hoping for a nice & exciting new chapter ^^.. Iam simply happy That  I'm kewl listening to such songs & tells myself "hey you did it!" XD.. Christmas is coming soon, I hope santa will give me a nice gift for being a "nice" girl XD... xoxo!


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