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How to be a Heartbreaker:
• Make this person believe you're head-over-heels in love with her.
• Pretend you're pure & saying everything from the heart.
• Just have fun & never get too attached.
• If she is totally in love with you she will definitely be honest to her feelings >.< so pretend, be prepared & say u feel the same way for her. like ALWAYS...
• Be cheesy as much as possible, be the shakespeare of 2012 if u have to >..-Roses are red, violets are blue, here is my HEART & it says I LOVE YOU!-  ~sooo something like that~ >.>
• It's plain & easy, be FAKE
• When she begins to say "I don't know what to do if I lost you!" ~puppy eyes~. It's your go signal to run!
• The day after she told this, tell her you don't love her anymore then leave. ~walk away, never look back, shut the door like nothing happen~

When you do all these,  PRESTO! You are officially a heartbreaker! :D

How to be a Heartfixer:
After a heartbreak a person will run to someone who can mend their heart from all the craziness of love.
• Always be there for her no matter what!
• Be eager to listen even if the story never ends sit still & listen to all the dramas!
• The next day will be the same so u need to have a bigger ears for her.
• the next day after the other will pretty much be the same.. So just rub her back let her cry until she's dehydrated. Don't forget to offer her some water so she won't die from too much crying.
• When you think she's getting by & she started to say "I WILL FORGET HER!" support her feelings & tell her "yes you can do it without her!" >.<.... O_O
• She will then look for new love so stand tall & show her you like her! :D.. like first ok? chill & take it slow XD.
• Tell her how you feel >.>
• If she suddenly say she's not ready to love again tell her you will still be around! O.O (like her loyal dog)
• She will definitely notice you until she's ready to love again.
• Just always be honest & everything will fall in it's place.
• Just always be faithful & everything will fall in it's place. O.O

It's fun to be a Heartbreaker but it feels so human to be a Heartfixer... so which one are YOU?! :D

Marina & the Diamonds - How To Be A Heartbreaker

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