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Maturity - The state or quality of being fully grown or developed.
It's really hard that you're always the one giving way to someone even tho u think they don't deserve it. But maturity strikes whenever u come to any tough decisions in your life. What's the basis of being matured? If you do silly things does it mean you're not matured enough? If you know what you are doing is wrong but you still do it does it mean you're immature? You see every actions has a consequences & I know each one of us knows that. I still believe that what you saw is what you reap. The reaping won't happen soon maybe, but it will in the right time. Only time can make a person matured, I mean I know im not matured enough but I know how to weigh things the way I think is right. And I'm not ashamed of that cuz I know & I'm confident enough that I am being just to my decisions.

Being happy is a choice, taking each circumstances positively or the other way around depends still on our decisions. A golden pot of gold is in front of you, still it's up to you what to do with it, either you take it or you leave it. But each decisions comes with a certain responsibilities. Taking responsibility means you're being accountable to whatever it is, & maturity depends on how you will deal with it. Knowledge doesn't come in one snap, it is acquired & gained from the experiences we had. We can't gain any new knowledge if we just stick on we currently have. I'm quite disappointed to some circumstances where maturity needs to set foot & we end up hurting someone else's feelings cuz of the stupidity of our minds. Silly things that we think is cool &  ok to do where in fact you don't know what this person is going through with.. I may not making any sense, well this applies not only for me but for us all who should be accountable to any actions we make.

Living this life made me always practice "emphaty", thinking before jumping to any decisions to whatever I wanna say or do.. Thinking & understanding of what others would feel before I do it. They say I have a kind heart but it's how my parents brought me up & I am happy I do. I didn't practice being so straight & be harsh to anyone around me as I don't want to hurt someone emotionally. Maturity takes a bunch of experiences, it may vary to each individuality. My point is, We should be responsible enough to all the choices we make. & remember that what goes around, comes around. I still hold on to these saying that "Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you". Caring isn't a crime, so let's share more caring & love ^^. xoxo

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