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I got no title for this blog to be honest & I'm getting annoyed to hear my boss' voice talking to client that i needed to turn my music on so loud into my ears.... I don't know but I feel sad today... It feels like I lost something permanently. It's my choice anyway & I thought about it million times before I jumped on doing it... It's the best thing to do for me or I will linger on it for a long time. I am happy to have friends online who can understand me. I mean I'm a closet lesbian & I don't think my real life friends would understand me.. I have few close friends whom I told about it but after that I don't know maybe we don't want to talk about it..

Anyways :D I gotta change my mood cuz I'm starting to get annoyed with myself haha.. Ok today we'll talk about love.. AGAIN?! :))) Yes u heard me right.. :D.. U wanna know THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE? We'll I'm kinda sick looking for the truth too so just listen to this song (The truth about Love - Pink). I finished my work early today & i feel so productive.. I have never been this productive before O.O... I'm so Pinky-fied today & listened to her songs while  I was working.. I hope if ever i fall in love again my partner is not easy to give in & will fight for our love >.<.. & then we will both listen to this song (Just give me a reason - Pink) and the love story ends again, how sad is that? When you are about to give up but you really love this person, you will find a way to build it up again & let the love find it's way back to your hearts.. I'm not smart enough, I don't have much experience about love but I'm not really a fan of breaking someone's heart into pieces... Heart can forgive but the scars left cannot be easily healed... You can convince your mind you already forgive that person but trust? cannot be rebuild again... It's not easy for me to bring back the trust which has been broken.. Promises are made to be broken as they say, but how can u stop your heart to hold on to those promises when you believed in true love? True love is still unproven fact. Now it makes me wonder, love is not felt by our physical heart but everything is just in our minds.. Inside that brain on top of our head.. Heart is just a symbolical icon to represent love.. Now I'm starting to be anti-true love O.O.. enough.. I should shut up my F***!*g mouth XD... Anyways I'm going home now. True love is always around... learn to sense it :)))... Happy weekend! ^^ xoxo


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