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I can't get up on my bed this morning.. I feel so sick & beaten up, my chest is still heavy & my head feels dizzy.. Been going to work the past 3 days even tho I don't feel really well.. My boss was calling me but I didn't answer since I got no voice at all.. So I sent him a message I can't make it today. But since he's an A-hole he keeps on insisting I should finish my urgent jobs cuz clients are waiting.. Told him to wait.. I Arrived to my office 3:15pm.. after my urgent jobs  I will definitely go home, don't  care anymore.. 

I went out of track last night to some unexpected happenings.  But now I feel so calm O.O.. Unemotional, which is so unusual... I met new people last night, but this girl caught my attention... She is the only first girl I've been so honest with that quickly, I mean she's easy to talk with, nice, funny & really smart. I find her really interesting & we both love talking like we've known each other for a long time... She's eager to listen to all my dramas but I think I should drop it cuz I might annoy her :)). I hope It all goes well for me. Like me, we both are humorous I laugh when I talk with her & I make her laugh too as she said she haven't laughed that much for a long time but i just did it ^^.. Maybe she's my cure, my personal doctor might be :P to forget my past.. We talked until it's morning for me & she got to study too with her 100 pages anatomy book XD so I let her go. So I waved & said goodbye doc.. Let me see what will happen, I'm looking forward to seeing her again. & I am happy I am learning to move on.. But I can't say this is already love.. I would love to take it slow & to know her better. Cuz I don't believe on love at first sight, could be just "like", but love? In just a matter of days? is impossible...

I remember the other night I had this dream, I was holding a car tire O.O then I researched about it's possible meaning & I got this (To see tires in your dream suggest that you are dwelling too much in the past and need to move on toward the future.) It suggest something I know my dreams never lies to me :)).. Last night I watched a medical show & it says that this medical case which i don' remember  is not curable but it is treatable.. Perhaps I can't be CURED 100% just yet but I can shift to someone who will TREAT me just right & focus on the future...Wish me luck^^. xoxo

Just like the old days ^^ I listen to this.. makes my mood feels good
Ready To Love Again - Lady Antebellum

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