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We haven't talked for quiet awhile, the last time I told you is to let me be to what I wanna do. You gave me my space, I did it my way but now I'm missing you. Yesterday when I checked my skype I saw your message asking me how am I doing. I was scared to reply cuz I have done so much the past months & I don't want to bother you about it. I know we're living a thousand miles & It feels like I lost you. I know we're more than just best friends & you understand me whatever decisions I took recently. It feels like I'm loosing you, It feels like I'm running away from my reality since I'm quite confuse of what I am going through right now. You know me more than anyone but here I am, we never talked for months like 5 months & I feel really bad not being there for you too. I am just not ready yet to tell you everything, it might change on how you look at me or worse you might not love me anymore for being such a b***h I am right now.  Thanks for reminding me of the right things to do before. I know what I am doing & all the consequences lying ahead of it. I've done things you never imagined I would do. I know you will say that I should stop it but this is who I am. Forgive me? I wasn't there when you needed me. Thanks for dropping me messages & sorry my fingers froze whenever i tried to reply back. I love you, I just need sometime for myself :*

We both love this song
blink 182 - I Miss You

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