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I live in a predictable country everyday.. Predictable bus arrival, trains, calculative traffic lights, well planned schedules. You got to catch up with it or you'll missed it. Time flies fast & when u know it you are already 50 years old. I want to live my life to the fullest, do crazy stuff I have never done in my life. Life is too short to just lock myself in my room & count the falling hairs on my floor or worse to count how many times I blink my eyes O.O. I'm looking forward to every morning I open my eyes, grab my things I needed to live each day. Walk like a soldier & prepare my machine gun just incase to be ready to anything this life will throw at me. I'm happy to write my blogs each day, it gives me hope that I am getting by & God gives me more life to breath. I prefer to be free, free to choose those life's choices like how i choose what to eat & say everyday. The words keep on coming every time I start to let my fingers type. Creations starts to run every time i hold my mouse & make a millions of clicks in front of my photoshop.

I want to live my life now in a new perspective, unpredictable life where I can have fun & enjoy the show. I am the star of my own show anyways & nobody can stop me from being in it. People come & go that's life, acceptance is what you need whenever someone has to go out of your life's door. We just need to keep it open & get excited who will knock & comes in the next time. I know it's gonna be ok :) ~winks to my inner self~ ~pats my head~.. I'm hoping for the best ^^, arms wide open, looks up to the great blue sky, closes my eyes & breaths the refreshing air. I feel like a newborn baby right now. :)) But now I've seen it through And now I know the truth THAT ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN ^^ #stay positive #goodvibes #happythoughts #purelove... xoxo!



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