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Things I wanna do right now:

• Star gaze at midnight lying down on a beach sand. When I look beside me, someone is sharing the sight with me ^^
• Eat magnum ice-cream O.O the double caramel one cuz I woke up with my sore throat & I wanna make it worse.
• Plus it's raining now, I wanna dance under the rain without bra O.O
• I wanna play Coheed & Cambria's "Welcome Home" song loud on my headset. >.<
• Get drunk & kiss someone
• Read a whole book from page 1 up to the end, imppossible.. >.>
• Call the guards downstairs telling the electricity is not working & when they got up i will tell them it's ok now thanks for ur help :P
• Spit from my floor (8th floor) when I saw someone walking below my floor (It's illegal to spit in our country O.O)
• Stay inside 7-11 store & wait for a pretty girl, I will walk closer to her & say she's so Lovely ^^.
• Stay inside 7-11 store & wait for a handsome guy, I will walk closer to him & will say nothing :)))
• Learn a new language for 1 day.. ahmm I'll start with French ^^, then spanish, then korean, then japanese, then that's it ^^.
• Ride the bus but i will not go down.. so i get to roam around my place & see new places.
• Eat bubble gum in front of people & chew it as fast as I could O.O (it's illegal to eat bbgum here XD)
• Lastly, try to totally erase u on my mind...

Impossible but I can try right?

I listen to him while im doing this, my new fave artist ^^ - Mike Schmid - I Can Try


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