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How silly I am to accidentally pour a hot water onto my fingers while putting some on my ramen noodles! I screamed "Ah S**T" then looked around the pantry if someone seen me, luckily there was no one... I decided to eat just that for lunch cuz it's been pouring hard outside & it's nice to sip a hot soup... It's been an agonizing pain & I didn't enjoyed my lunch cuz my fingers (left hand) is hurting so much so I sticked it to my cold drinks and now it's turning red!... I was soo stupid to hurt myself like that, it is avoidable but accident happens cuz I was not careful. The pain is there for like a couple of hours, I was worried cuz after I finished my ramen with my right hand it's still aching lol....

Well then again I can relate to it when you fell in love & get hurt after. At first I was really excited to eat my ramen cuz of the perfect weather same as when u experience love in its perfect stage when you were both happy & excited for each other. After u got hurt like what I did to myself it was like a killing feeling that I thought It would last for a long time. Time heals all wounds, like how my fingers got recovered just now. Time can mend a broken heart in perfect timing. I believe there is a time for everything, time for every season. I read it at ecclesiates "a time to weep & a time to dance, a time to mourn & a time to dance", "a time to get & a time to lose, a time to keep & a time to cast away" ,"a time to keep silence & a time to speak", "a time to LOVE and a time hate".. It's my time to weep, lose, be cast away, to keep silent but the last one I chose not to hate. Love is a wonderful thing it's just that some don't know what's the real meaning of it. It depends to a person how they define it but love can be hurtful sometimes. If there is a suit created called "Love suit" I would definitely buy one (lol).. This will protect me from all unreal people who pretends to love me & say "I love you" without meaning it. People who says "I love you so much" afterwards I discovered it was all from the mouth not from the heart. Anyways I should stop this bitterness & that is life's irony. Most of the time people who gives real love are the ones who were left alone. Sad huh? but always happens... Well then I should warn you to the hot water when you pour it into your ramen XD... Just like love, learn to leave something for yourself too... I will be more hurting than a hot water if you didn't learn from each love mistakes. when you get hurt the only thing you can say is "OUCH" that hurts, then move on...

PS: I will let you know when the "LOVE SUIT" has been released XD

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