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"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." - Forrest Gump

I love chocolates, I eat uncontrollably especially when im depressed, I adore it so much altho I know how much calories it can shower my body. Why am I talking about chocolates? As for Mr. Gump life is like a box of chocolate he isa right, but for me life is like a chocolate. Sometimes is creamy, soft, melted, too sweet, too bitter, it's dark, nutty, or worse you ate an expired one. You can describe yourself now which chocolate you are. 

Sweets can make u feel relaxed & happy & most of the time life won't let u taste it's sweetness all the time. It will let you taste it's bitterness so when u tasted another nice sweet one u will appreciate it more or  it would be better than the first one! Love is sweeter the 2nd time around & if you are willing to give it another chance i would be better  than before,, (Im hoping it would :) )... Then iam thinking if it is sweeter the 2nd time around then it would be sweeter the 3rd time, 4th & so one. don't u think? :D... not unless you got sick of it & throw away ur life's chocolate. 

I chose to keep mine. it may sometimes turns into a bitter one but i will surely won't hate it. What's meant to happen it will surely happen, but still i believe it depends on how you would react on such situations. Life is a set of choices, either u choose left or right. But I chose to be happy & will savor each time Iam happy & cherish each moments with the one I love! xoxo.

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